David Aaron Katz Jan Alan Schwartz

Superior Vocal Health has made it a life’s mission, to be dedicated to helping voice professionals keep their voices and bodies strong, healthy, vibrant, and at peak levels naturally without the use of harmful chemicals and drugs. Superior Vocal Health is the result of more than 25 years of research and investigation by David Aaron Katz, Cantor, international singer of Opera and Broadway, voice teacher, vocal coach, author, nutritional consultant, herbalist and lecturer and .Jan Alan Schwartz AKA Wizard: Jan is a Virtuoso Drummer, The Musical Artist “WIZARD”, Lead vocalist, Songwriter, Health Guru and Natural Health Consultant, Music Producer, Founder of Burlington Audio and Recordingstore.com,as well as a Classic Rock Historian.

While teaching and coaching voice professionals from around the world, Jan and David found that they were in constant need of something that would help preserve and take care of their voices, something that was non-addicting or damaging to the vocal cords, and was consistent, safe and reliable.

Welcome to Superior Vocal Health. We have been performing as professional musicians around the world for more than 25 years. We have experienced firsthand the trials of being a professional singer and musician and understand that as professionals one cannot afford a bad performance. Like it or not, we must always be"on". Vocal Health must be the number one priority in a voice professional's life, so it's imperative we keep our throats and bodies in the best condition possible.

When you are flying, staying at strange hotels, overusing your voice every day, and dealing with everyday stresses, staying healthy just isn't easy. Inevitably the body and voice break down. How many times have you been sick but said, "the show must go on"? It's happened to all of us. After years of trying every possible remedy on the market with no success, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Superior Vocal Health is the result of years of extensive research and personal experience. Superior Vocal Health was created to give all voice professionals the best tools to care for their voices - naturally - no drugs, no chemicals. Our formulas are designed to restore, rejuvenate, invigorate, and help heal a myriad of vocal issues.

These formulas are not a replacement for proper technique, training, or correct vocal care. That takes hard work, commitment, perseverance, and along with regular checkups with your ENT, learning how to "listen" to your body. Voice professionals around the world use the Superior Vocal Health product line to maintain and keep their voice in top form. Whether we are performing, speaking, rehearsing, auditioning or teaching we always have our Superior Vocal Health formulas with us. They help keep your vocal cords clear, strong, and healthy.

Through our own personal experience and the testimonials of countless voice professionals around the world who rely on Superior Vocal Health formulas, you can rest assured Superior Vocal Health products are not only totally safe and good for you, they will work for you! We guarantee it! Stay healthy, and enjoy your voice.

Best Regards,
David and Jan